Vault97 started in 2015 on Etsy by Leanna and Maria, two best friends who met in high school art class. Over the years, Vault97 has evolved into an apparel brand,  dedicated to creating apparel for the free-spirited, down to earth adventure seekers. We are determined to inspire those around us to always move forward and cherish the value of growth. The beauty in moving forward lies outside of your comfort zone – the ability to challenge yourself into transforming old habits into a new lifestyle.

We are not just an apparel brand, our goal is to connect our philosophy and apparel to serve as a daily reminder that a simple, humble life filled with positive energy is one that always moves forward - embracing all the experiences that life has to offer.

 A "vault" of clothing made for the believers in positivity, new experiences, and growth; made for those always moving forward. 



2019 - Vendor at Trinity Bellwoods Market (July)
2019 - Featured in York University's HerCampus Blog
2019 - Featured in Ryerson University's Shop the SLC Winter Market Blog
2019 - Vendor at Holiday Hills x Stackt Market event with Serena Ryder