The 10 Lessons of 2019

    1. Learn to love the Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday instead of only being conditioned to love the Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.
    2. The people who want to be in your life will make an effort to, it should not be a hard process. Keep the ones who truly want to be a part of it - and drift away from the ones that do not align (this includes friends, family, people who may have been close to you at some point).
    3. But also, see the good in people and learn lessons from every person you meet in your life that do not align, and you no longer speak to.
    4. Say no to opportunities that do not serve you or make you truly happy; it opens doors to other ones that make you scream with happiness.
    5. Tell people how you feel, be honest with people and tell people you love them.
    6. Your mindset is LITERALLY everything [took us a while to grasp this concept, and we're still learning today] but growing is part of it.
    7. People feed off energy, a positive one is more worthwhile.
    8. Put your happiness in yourself and do not attach your happiness to material things, people, career status (essentially anything outside yourself). Only you are truly responsible for your happiness.  
    9. A "Good Morning/Good Vibes" pump up playlist in the morning works wonders - especially if you blast it at full volume [shout out to Trooper for adding some motivational inspo, when laying in bed all day seemed more appealing].
    10. Look back, but don't forget to move forward. The life in front of you (what you can change) is far more important than anything behind you.

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    To the deep chats with the people closest to us, to the brief ones with those that are not so close. To the temporary feelings, the good ones, the bad ones. To the highs and the lows. To the people, places, and feelings that inspired us. We are glad we welcomed you all in our 2019!