Earth Day 2020 - What kind of planet do YOU want to live in?

Earth Day 2020

This year, Earth Day hits a little differently. Now more than ever, we as a human collective are more appreciative and grateful for what the earth has given us.

Not being able to freely roam the streets and immerse ourselves in the outdoors has allowed us to reminisce on past memories, like hiking, swimming, travelling, while looking forward to future possibilities, post-quarantine.

Until the pandemic subsides, it is important that we reflect and listen to what it is the planet is trying to tell us.

The positive environmental impacts that have resulted from the global economic shutdown has reminded us that WE as humans are responsible for the earth. Together, we have the power to either destroy human nature or use this pandemic as a telltale to improve our actions and environmental impact going forward.

What are some positive signs of this global shutdown?

  • Whales have returned to the Mediterranean Sea - where they haven’t been in years.
  • Improvement in air quality, especially in China
  • Decrease in nitrous oxide, one of the major pollutants
  • More wildlife in urban areas, such as the abundance of elk in Banff, Alberta.

    It is remarkable to see the amount of positive change that has resulted in such a short period of time - environmental, personal, etc. It speaks volumes on the impact we have on planet earth. The question is, what have you learned from this global shutdown? What kind of planet do YOU want to live in?


    Credit: Ryerson Today, Lindsey Craig.